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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, yes, yes – absolutely. This program is the only one of its kind that directly focuses on educating and supporting women through both pre-explant and post-explant stages. Breast implant illness is at its worst before you explant, obviously, and this program could be of immense help, support and value for you. 🙂 

We have two specific phases of the BII Bridge program, and one of them is the Warrior Phase — which is for post-explant. This is a critical time for your body’s healing and you’ll find so much help, support and value in this phase of our program. 

Yes, you absolutely can. I pride myself on being accessible to women who need my support and I’m committed to giving you the access you need during this important time of your life. I am very active in the BII Bridge Community Facebook group, and go LIVE frequently to answer questions you and others have. 

It was very important to us that we made this program one that could be gone through “at your own pace.” We understand you might be a busy woman who juggles a lot in life. You’ll be guided carefully through each week in a linear process, but there is no deadline or pressure. Take a week or two off when or if needed — then get back to it when the time is right for you.

Yes, we’ve included a payment plan option that allows you to get started with the BII Bridge Program now with a low investment today, and only two additional monthly payments afterwards.